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Sesamee Change Pin

A common question we receive is "Can I not use something else to change the combination on my Sesamee?"

Feasibly you CAN, but we HIGHLY recommend against it!  The Sesamee pin is of the exact dimensions (and beveled angle) to push the change rod that goes through the middle of the dials a small fraction of an inch to put it into reset mode.  In our 20+ years of experience we have seen consumers substitute the change pin and some work but with a high percentage of them, they locked themselves out of their locks.

The pin is not that expensive but if that is all you are purchasing on the site, that pin can get quite expensive once you add shipping and handling fee (any order under $15).  If purchasing another product at the same time that puts the order over $15, the pin becomes far more affordable.  Thus, the temptation to substitute the Sesamee change pin for something else is there and it is possible but we highly recommend against it. 


See links below

Change pin for normal Sesamee Padlocks

Change pin for the Super Sesamee Armored Padlocks

WARNING- California Residents- (Proposition 65)

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